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Brooklyn Medical Care

Urgent care office in Brooklyn

Brooklyn medical care

Brooklyn medical care

Do you know what you would do if you or a member were faced with a sudden medical emergency? Or what would you do if your child had a sore throat and fever but could not get an appointment to see their regular doctor? You would probably take a trip to your local emergency room which could mean long waits and higher medical bills. But now you have an alternative for receiving emergency care for your entire family. Come to see us for Brooklyn medical care, when you need urgent medical care.

The name of our comprehensive practice is First Response Urgent Care. It provides an excellent alternative for emergency room care, and you will not have to spend all day in the hospital while you wait to be seen and treated. We provide Brooklyn medical care for patients who need emergency room services and require immediate care. We are able to help patients who are experiencing difficulty breathing, head trauma, or other serious medical injuries. We have digital x-ray on-site which is read by one of our highly trained board-certified physicians on duty. We also usually transmit our images to be reviewed again by a board-certified radiologist. Among the common ailments that are diagnosed this way are fractures, pneumonia and other health issues.

Our Brooklyn medical care also includes a complete range of internal medicine services. These can include blood tests and annual exams, including tests for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and thyroid issues. Our doctors also routinely treat strains, back problems, colds and flu, nausea, burns, some broken bones, lacerations and more. Our practice is open to all members of the family including infants, toddlers and young children. Many children are brought to us for treatment who are suffering from a cold, ear infection, fever, or a serious cut that requires stitches. Our doctors are sure to treat your child in a safe and calming environment. We are also able to treat minor burns in our care center. We also see many people who have some kind of cough resulting from one of many causes. Coughs can result from viral or bacterial infection, but also from allergies, asthma or even heartburn. We are open seven days a week to treat patients with appointments and emergency situations.

76 Belmont Avenue,
Brooklyn, New York 11212
(718) 395-6444